Trump Claims Google Suppressed Bad News About Hillary Clinton

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Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday claimed Google’s search engine was biased in burying bad news about his rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump made the comment at a rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa, after mentioning a Google poll, which he said he was leading “despite the fact that Google’s search engine was suppressing the bad news about Hillary Clinton. How about that.”

Trump did not elaborate on what “bad news” he believed was being suppressed, though he typically appends “crooked” to Clinton’s first name and has made her private email server a central talking point of his campaign.

Google declined to comment to BuzzFeed News Wednesday in response to Trump’s claims. However, in a post on Politico last year, Amit Singhal — who at the time was the head of Google’s search division — said “there is absolutely no truth” to the hypothesis that the company “could work secretly to influence election outcomes.”

“From the beginning, our approach to search has been to provide the most relevant answers and results to our users, and it would undermine people’s trust in our results, and our company, if we were to change course,” Singhal wrote.

Though his claim that Google stacked the deck against him appears to be new, Trump has also repeatedly complained that the electoral system is, or could be, “rigged” against him. This summer he repeatedly warned of voter fraud, and put out a call for “observers” to watch polling places and safeguard against cheating.

After Monday’s debate, Trump also claimed that his microphone was faulty and speculated that the alleged problem could have been intentional.

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