Production Has Been Shut Down On "Bachelor In Paradise" Because Of A Reported Sexual Incident

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Warner Bros., which produces the series, has described the incident as “misconduct” but has not given details about what transpired.

Brianna Sacks / Via Twitter: @bri_sacks

A source close to the series told Los Angeles Times reporter Amy Kaufman that the “misconduct” in question — which Warner Bros. has not defined — involves a sexual encounter between DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios that led one producer who witnessed it to file a third-party complaint.

Via Twitter: @AmyKinLA

Amy Kaufman / Via Twitter: @AmyKinLA

Claudia Oshry, better known as the online personality @girlwithnojob, who’s friends with Olympios, said on her morning show on Monday, “The part that’s unclear is a producer was either watching while it happened and didn’t do anything or, we were also told, a producer was watching while it happened, tried to stop it, and was told by production to hold back.”

Amy Kaufman / Via Twitter: @AmyKinLA

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