Here They Are, The 17 Best "Ellen" Moments Of 2017

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Remember when Ellen caught that audience member stealing?

When Ellen and Chris Pratt played “Speak Out” and couldn’t stop laughing:

When an audience member got caught on hidden camera taking a ~little~ extra swag:

When Ellen scared poor Sarah Paulson over and over until she had to crawl under the table:

And when Ellen made Sarah go through a haunted house, which led to a lot of screaming:

When Pink and Reese Witherspoon played “Would You Rather” and Reese tried to pretend she didn’t know what sex is:

When Ellen scared Niall Horan with “Harry Styles,” who was actually just a dude in a costume:

When Oprah revealed that she went to the bank to casually deposit $2 million:

When Eric Stonestreet got fed up and actually body-slammed his scarer:

When Ellen made Emma Watson hire a nanny for herself:

When Ellen tried so hard to trick Kris Jenner into revealing Khlo√© and Kylie’s pregnancies:

When Kristen Bell shared a hilarious story about pumping breast milk while she was unknowingly being broadcasted on a huge screen:

When Ellen and Oprah went grocery shopping together and Oprah got frisky with some melons:

When Ellen revealed some “deleted scenes” from Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” video:

When Ellen and Mark Wahlberg accidentally swore in front of a kid like, 20 times:

When Ellen played “Who’d You Rather” with Dame Judi Dench and she picked Jake Gyllenhaal over Hugh Grant in like, less than a second:

When Demi Lovato was the most awkward game show model ever:

And finally, when Ellen set up a jack-in-the-box backstage to scare pretty much everyone:


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