Donald Trump Supporters Believe His Claims Of Rigged Election

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“The whole system’s been rigged for decades,” one supporter said at a rally Saturday.

WINDHAM, N.H. — Turns out, many of Donald Trump’s supporters are worried about a rigged election, too.

The Republican nominee recently suggested that if Hillary Clinton wins, it won’t be fair and square. People waiting to see Trump at a rally inside a crowded and sweaty high school basketball arena in this southern New Hampshire town on Saturday told BuzzFeed News that a rigged election was a distinct possibility.

“The whole system’s been rigged for decades,” said supporter Danny Dalton. “So of course it’s rigged.”

Several others expressed a similar sentiment: It wouldn’t be the first time.

“Every election to some degree is rigged,” said Jay Dwyer, whose “Make America Great Again” hat was blue instead of the traditional red.

Dwyer felt like the Republican primary could have been rigged if not for Trump’s emphatic lead with voters, and said that won’t change in the general.

“It’s gotta be a knockout” for Trump to be allowed to win, he said.

Several supporters said it was the powerful forces aligned against Trump that had them worried.

“He’s got three big enemies: Big business, the media, and big government,” said Jim Cryan, a Christian minister who supported Ben Carson but switched to Trump once Carson dropped out.

Cryan was chatting with D. John McCarthy, who drove two hours from western Massachusetts for his second Trump rally and first since he became the nominee.

“President Kennedy was elected by a lot of dead people in Chicago,” McCarthy said. “That was certainly rigged too.”

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