36 Thoughts I Have Every Time I Watch HGTV's "Good Bones"

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It’s a miracle that Tad isn’t dead yet.


1. I had no idea Indianapolis was so…trendy?

2. And the houses are so cheap!

3. I mean, I bet I could buy a house for like $10k like Mina and Karen do and at least fix it up enough to be habitable.

4. Actually NVM, I forgot I can’t even use a hammer properly.

5. Karen seems like the best mom.

6. Can Karen be my mom?

7. I just want to have tea with Karen and her dogs and talk about like, the color of our auras or something.

8. Honestly their family tree is so big and complicated, I could probably just slip in there and they wouldn’t even notice.

9. They’d be like, “Who are you?” and I’d be like, “Duh, I’m your nephew Andy” and they’d just be like, “OK that sounds about right.”

10. I love every dramatic shot of Tad’s Demo Crew walking down the street.

11. I would hire Tad’s Demo Crew to just follow me around and make me look tough.

12. Honestly, I love Tad, but it’s a miracle that he hasn’t accidentally killed someone yet during demo day.


13. I just sit and make concerned noises at my television whenever he does something dangerous.

14. Like, put on a hard hat at least, Tad!

15. Summary of every demo day:
Tad: “I’m gonna do this dangerous thing because it’ll look cool.”
Mina: “Tad, no.”
Tad: “Tad YES.”

16. Mina will never not be wearing a T-shirt with something Indiana-related on it.

17. Looks like Karen found another “treasure” in this house. I swear, she’s going to accidentally uncover a cursed object someday.

18. She’ll think it’s like a hat rack or something but it’ll be some kind of ancient totem.

19. And obviously Karen believes in positive energy so she definitely doesn’t want that.

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